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Light a fire in your direct sales team that never goes out.

To grow a thriving company, your direct sellers must have an unwavering belief in the company and themselves.

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The challenge most companies face is building a system that creates this result. That’s where I can help.

About Melissa Soete

About Melissa
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Hi. I'm

Over an adventurous life and blockbuster career, I learned to rely on what I call the “Green Light Mindset” to set bold goals, move past barriers, and achieve remarkable results.

My story started similar to most direct sellers; I experienced a great product, saw the business I could create for myself, and ambitiously set out to make it happen!

In less than a year, I was ready to quit.

No matter how hard I tried to succeed in the business, it just wasn’t working for me. It was only then that I decided to rely on a mindset training I had learned in order to complete one of the most challenging races in the world; The Iron Man Championship in Kona, Hawaii. The mindset training changed EVERYTHING.

It empowered me to scale my business to over 6-figures and train others to do the same. Using the same system, I began working with companies to create similar results. Most recently, I helped a direct-selling company grow by $600 Million in three years.

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My passion is to help you build a system that lights a fire in your direct sellers that never goes out. As they build an unshakable mindset, they will build the life of their dreams. And as they do, the company will scale like never before.

Let’s make it happen together!

How Does it Work?

Your direct sellers will build an unshakable belief in:

Group 30-min
Group 31-min
Group 32-min
Group 33-min

*Your salespeople’s belief system affects everything they do.
Whatever they believe will determine the success they will see.

And this mindset can be trained.

A Mindset System

...that keeps your salespeople in constant motion:


The Sales From WithinTM

Key Takeaways:

  • Experience the incredible story behind the Green Light Mindset
  • Align your community of sellers around the habits that lead to sales growth
  • Start a fire in your salespeople that will never go out
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Advanced Training

Launch Your Sales into
Constant Motion

Key Takeaways:

  • Cultivate vision and partnership
  • Develop dynamic leaders
  • Increase productivity and sales
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Build a Company Your Sales
Force Can Believe In

Key Takeaways:

  • Receive a clear roadmap to sustainable, healthy growth
  • Learn about the tools, resources, and best practices for growing a dynamic sales program
  • Increased revenue and retention

What can you expect as the results of our work together?

  • Unprecedented growth in sales.
  • A sales field in constant movement towards their success & dreams.
  • A culture passionate about the product, the mission, and the life they are building.
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4 Touchpoints for Nurturing Your Sales Team's Belief in the Company and Themselves

Top strategies to help your sales teams increase the belief in the company and themselves with every touchpoint.

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